Hakuhodo DY Group companies form first-party data utilization team

Jan. 21, 2022
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Tokyo—January 21, 2021—HAKUHODO DX_UNITED, a strategic organization formed by the three companies Hakuhodo Inc., Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Inc. and D.A.Consortium Inc., has joined with IREP Co., Ltd. to form DATA GEAR, a professional team that crosses the Hakuhodo DY Group. Working in first-party data utilization, where post-cookie response needs are growing, the specialized team will develop strategies and action plans, and solve any challenges that arise during implementation, using solutions provided by Google and others.

Following debate in Europe and North America, measures for the post-cookie future, including a series of legal restrictions and technological restrictions initiated by platform operators, are already underway outside Japan. In Japan, too, obtaining consent and the management and utilization of data for which consent has already been obtained, among other measures and actions required under the April 2022 revision of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, are an urgent challenge for marketing. As such, when considering marketing strategies going forward, taking optimal actions in regard to the acquisition, storage, utilization and management of first-party data is becoming a key factor that will determine the success of a company’s marketing from here on.

The specialized cross-Group team DATA GEAR was established to respond rapidly to this situation.

● Overview of DATA GEAR

DATA GEAR is a cross-Group unit that possesses six functions necessary for utilizing the first-party data that will be essential to companies’ marketing activities in a post-cookie world: Integrated marketing and communication, measure design, marketing system consulting, data analytics, data engineering, and solution development.

By bringing together HAKUHODO_DX UNITED, which advances clients’ digital transformation (DX) in an integrated manner through marketing DX and media DX, and IREP, a performance-focused digital agency that delivers specific goals in client business using cutting-edge digital technology and advanced marketing strategies, the team delivers a one-stop structure for the utilization of first-party data.

Specifically, it solves challenges across advertising, owned media and CRM, from planning strategies for the acquisition and use of the right data, through to implementation and analysis, in one stop, using Google Marketing Platform and Google Cloud™. By linking various marketing solutions and Google solutions, it also supports further optimization of marketing.

This enables the smooth implementation of post-cookie measures using Google Analytics™ and other tools already in place at many companies. For companies that are yet to begin their DX journey, too, using Google Analytics 4 and BigQuery™ can realize their first step in that direction: democratizing data.

Going forward, DATA GEAR will also roll out its own independently developed solutions and services, to offer an array of solutions for marketing DX in a post-cookie world.

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