Hakuhodo launches GRIP & GROWTH, a solution for B2B marketing DX

Jul. 13, 2021
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Tokyo—July 13, 2021—Hakuhodo Inc., the world’s third largest advertising company, is pleased to announce the rollout of GRIP & GROWTH, a solution that supports B2B firms in the digital transformation (DX) of their marketing and sales cross the board. GRIP & GROWTH is offered by HAKUHODO DX_UNITED—Hakuhodo’s strategic unit that specialized in leveraging digital transformation for value creation—in partnership with seven member companies of the Hakuhodo DY Group.

B2B firms are increasingly digitalizing their operations and marketing. The COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated their digital transformation. In response, this solution brings together seven members of the Hakuhodo DY Group working in their respective fields to assist clients with their digital transformation. It integrates their extensive knowledge, expertise, and portfolios of services in the B2B marketing DX domain. The result: a one-stop, full-funnel solution covering the entire process from customer creation and acquisition through customer support. Hakuhodo coordinates all aspects of the service. This ensures that the focus is on overall rather than piece-by-piece optimization, with clients receiving end-to-end support in digitally transforming their marketing.

The new solution is dubbed GRIP & GROWTH. GRIP means getting a grip on customers. GROWTH means helping client firms grow their business and customer base.

Customer creation: B2B media partnerships and potential lead development
Boost your B2B firm’s presence in the market in question and identify potential leads that have fallen through the cracks by utilizing media such as TV commercials and video ads and linking customer IDs with B2B media.

Customer acquisition: Online traffic generation and warm lead nurturing
Acquire new prospects by identifying potential leads that are interested in your B2B product or service and creating owned media they want to see.

Customer support: Sales support and ongoing customer support
Having nurtured leads and conducted field sales to create actual customers, provide support to target customers to ensure their business success story.

◆ Case 1: Acquire new leads

You want to launch your own website to do inbound marketing, but you are unsure of your ability to create the right content. Will the site even attract traffic in the first place?

Customer creation in partnership with a B2B media outlet
Launch an owned media platform in collaboration with a B2B media outlet. That way you can create new customers by taking advantage of the outlet’s ability to attract traffic and utilizing its customer IDs.

Content creation based on an SEO strategy
Even if you decide to launch an owned media platform by yourself, our experienced team of content strategists, creators, and editors specializing in B2B can build you an attractive site that is sure to generate traffic.

◆ Case 2: Nurture leads into customers

Your website attracts a moderate amount of traffic. The problem is, you are having difficulties identifying and converting high-quality leads.

Helping you design and execute a marketing automation (MA) roadmap and adopt MA tools
By adopting marketing automation tools and designing an effective roadmap, get warm leads more interested in your product or service, thus increasing their quality.

Formulating a sales strategy and conducting inside sales
Formulate a data-driven sales strategy to further increase the quality of your leads. The inside sales team will provide support and, once leads are close to conversion, hand them over to your sales team.

GRIP & GROWTH is a solution offered by HAKUHODO DX_UNITED, a strategic unit spanning three companies: Hakuhodo, Hakuhodo DY Media Partners, and D.A.Consortium. HAKUHODO DX_UNITED enables clients to execute integrated DX strategies by facilitating their digital transformation on both the marketing and media fronts.

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