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Having made Singapore our home in 1973, Hakuhodo (Singapore) has since grown into a full service communications agency group with in-house media planning and buying capabilities, a full suite of digital and social offerings, coupled with strategic and effective creative teams capable of both local and regional amplifications. In 2006, we launched sister brands Hakuhodo Communications Asia and Hakuhodo Communications Singapore to support our growing portfolio of brands.

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Hakuhodo (Singapore) Pte Ltd

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Tel: +65 6734 5451

Fax: +65 6734 4489

Mail: contact@hakuhodo.com.sg

Hakuhodo Communications Asia Pte Ltd

1 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089109

Tel: +65 6734 5451

Fax: +65 6734 4489

Mail: contact@hakuhodo.com.sg

Hakuhodo Communications Singapore Pte Ltd

1 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089109

Tel: +65 6734 5451

Fax: +65 6734 4489

Mail: contact@hakuhodo.com.sg

Jan 08, 2018
Hakuhodo Singapore Partners with Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s Student Mentorship Program

Following the successful collaboration between Hakuhodo Singapore and the Crowbar Awards – where “Make Your Fairy Tales Come True” was the theme – Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP) has invited Hakuhodo Singapore to be its agency partner in a mentorship programme for students.

Hakuhodo Singapore’s recent efforts to nurture future generations at the Crowbar Awards and Ad Stars in Korea has further inspired the agency to lend its expertise in strategy, planning, digital media, copywriting and art direction in this mentorship programme for students. The Hakuhodo Group’s vision of Inventing the Future – through what’s referred to in Japanese as sei-katsu-sha (or people) – manifests itself in their commitment to nurturing the talents of tomorrow.

“With like-minded agencies such as Hakuhodo Singapore, our students acquire agency experience even before they graduate. Agency-based learning comes alive through lectures, client briefs, and mentorship sessions. Our students get a grasp of the what the industry is about early on, and they have first-mover advantage when they start work,” Christina Jimenez (Deputy Course Chair for the Diploma in Advertising & Public Relations, Ngee Ann Polytechnic) adds.

The mentorship programme spans approximately four months starting from October 2017. Representatives from Hakuhodo Singapore will share with students the processes and framework required to create client briefs through research and strategic problem-solving, and finally to execute ideas with copywriting and art direction techniques.

The mentors from Hakuhodo Singapore and the workshops they are conducting are:

  • Tanner Nagib (Regional Client Service Director / Digital Director) – An Introduction to the Creative Brief
  • Joanne Hoe (Strategic Planner) and Daphne Boey (Associate Digital Director) – Ideation Workshop and Mentorship Session
  • Felicia Tay (Copywriter) and Patrick Ng (Creative Group Head) – Copywriting and Art Direction Workshop

The workshops will culminate in a Group Advertising Campaign Pitch Presentation by the students to a panel of judges comprising lecturers and mentors from the agency, where their scores are considered in their final year grades.

A great opportunity for budding communications experts, Hakuhodo Singapore aims to broaden students’ perspectives on creativity through these sessions, and expose them to the real world of client challenges and ideation processes.

Jan 17, 2018
Hakuhodo Singapore partners with Yale-NUS College again for 2018 admissions campaign

Yale-NUS College – a liberal art and science college in Asia – has selected Hakuhodo Singapore as its collaborative partner for its College Admissions campaign this year in a competitive multi-agency pitch. Hakuhodo was appointed the agency to develop a fresh Admissions and Financial Aid campaign for Yale-NUS, through an open tender called by the College in August 2017.

The agency which had previously collaborated with the College in designing the Yale-NUS College mascot, ‘Halcyon’ the kingfisher, is now tasked with producing the College Admissions Campaign 2018, both for traditional and online platforms.

“Hakuhodo had a clear understanding of our strengths – and the unique challenges we face as a young learning institution,” said the Dean of Yale-NUS College Admissions & Financial Aid Laura Severin on appointing Hakuhodo as the design agency for the College Admissions Campaign 2018. “Strategically and creatively, they addressed our concerns and are working to raise awareness of Yale-NUS College. We are excited to see this project through to fruition”.

“Hakuhodo’s insight is based on our philosophy of Sei-katsu-sha, which sees people as beyond consumers,” said Tanner Nagib, Regional Client Service Director & Digital Director at Hakuhodo Singapore. “This helped differentiate Yale-NUS College, through its understanding of prospective students’ aspirations and reservations. The communication strategy makes implicit the comparison with institutions of varying educational pedagogy while at the same time, expounds Yale-NUS College’s niche and distinctive edge. We are extremely proud to be able to play our part in the College’s creative communication to prospective local and international students.”

The new Yale-NUS Admissions Campaign will be launched in phases within the year.

Feb 05, 2018
Singapore’s Car Club Appoints Hakuhodo to Create Campaign for Millennials
Transport-sharing has been picking up speed in Singapore. Arguably, locals are now more receptive to the digital currency world, as seen in the growing popularity of bike-sharing and more recently, e-scooter-sharing. So what’s stopping them from car-sharing?

Car Club is Singapore’s largest car-sharing operator with a fleet of over 260 cars at more than 105 pick-up stations. Yet, not many Singaporeans understand the concept, as they consider the service as yet another form of “car rental”, which can be a hassle.

In an effort to expand their database and change people’s perception of having their own rides, Car Club engaged Hakuhodo Singapore to create an online campaign targeting millennials. By gaining insight from the sei-katsu-sha­ – a philosophy where target audiences are viewed as real people and not just economic entities – the agency adopted colloquial humour instead of hard-sell messaging to relate to a younger crowd.

“We are at the beginning of a major social transformation as we move towards a car-lite society. This is a common vision both Hakuhodo and Car Club share, which formed the foundation of our communications strategy,” Gary Ong, Managing Director of Car Club Singapore said. “With their in-depth understanding of the mobile and online culture, we hope that the campaign will be well-received by our target audience, as well as generate buzz on social media. What better way to build awareness than with some local humour?”

“While most of what we do should ultimately drive sales, we need to also recognise that this takes time as well as a variety of efforts. It’s testament to a good working relationship when clients like Car Club Singapore are able to understand this and give us free reign to do what we need,” Daphne Boey, Associate Digital Director, Hakuhodo Singapore remarked.

Mar 21, 2017
Yale-NUS in Singapore Has a Sleek New Kingfisher Mascot Designed by Hakuhodo
When Singapore’s first liberal arts college called for a communications agency to create a mascot that embodied its College’s virtues, it turned to Hakuhodo Singapore.

With an aim to redefine liberal arts and science education for a complex, interconnected world, Yale-NUS College had run an intensive multi-agency pitch, Hakuhodo Singapore impressed with its vibrant mascot design, a well-thought through rationale and attention to detail.

Kingfisher 2.jpg
The Yale-NUS College Mascot – ‘Halcyon’ –  emerged as a representation of the blue-eared kingfisher species found in rarity in Singapore. The orange-and-blue mascot, colours of Yale-NUS, found ready acceptance as it also encapsulates the core identity of a young academic institution in quick and confident ascension, ready to take on the world.

Tanner Nagib, Regional Client Service Director & Digital Director at Hakuhodo Singapore said, “As an integrated advertising and communications agency, it is our responsibility to go beyond what the brief entails. What started out as a mascot design brief quickly turned into an opportunity for Hakuhodo to develop materials that reflect the College’s ethos and identity that infuse elements of youthfulness, creativity, curiosity and an adventurous spirit.”

The Yale-NUS mascot – together with the corporate identity guide – will be launched and thereafter used in milestone Yale-NUS College events. Hakuhodo Singapore is honoured to have played its part in creating an icon for the College – and adding a feather in its own cap.

Aug 03, 2017
Hakuhodo Singapore Creative Director James Keng Lim on the Importance of Developing Young Talent

The Hakuhodo Group’s vision of Inventing the Future through what’s referred to in Japanese as sei-katsu-sha – or people – manifests itself in their commitment to nurturing the talents of tomorrow.

In line with this vision, James Keng Lim, Creative Director of Hakuhodo Singapore, has taken on the mantle of judging at Ad Stars in Busan, Korea this year, where he will judge work in the Direct, Media, Promotion and PR category, as well as guide young creatives in the Young Stars category.

“Ad Stars celebrates students’ creativity from all over the world” Keng Lim comments, while adding, “every time a chance to mentor budding creative arises, I never hesitate to get onboard.” Keng Lim was also recently Chairman and Head of Jury for Advertising in the Crowbar Awards, on top of being part of the team driving Hakuhodo Singapore’s agenda to polish the potential of young talents, training them not in silos but as hybrids, who are adept in multiple roles when the situation calls for it.

James Keng maintains that their individual specialty and discipline has extended to clients, who increasingly value their efforts. “Our work now has a greater purpose and truly embraces a more holistic approach with sei-katsu-sha as our North Star,” he affirms.

Keng Lim has regularly been recognized by award show giants like D&AD, Cannes and One Show, as well as marketing and effectiveness award shows such as Effies, MARKies and Appies.

He has also judged in New York Advertising Festival, Creative Circle Awards, and Google Creative Awards, and is the current Chairman for Crowbar 2017 and sits on the Management Development Institute of Singapore, School of Media and Communications Industrial Advisory Board.

“I’ve got a feeling this year’s Ad Stars is going to be really exciting,” he muses. “I’m eager to do my part to contribute to the ‘Creative Economy’ where I can impart my knowledge, and at the same time, learn something new. As an award show that respects and celebrates cultural diversity, I’m looking forward to witness the multiplicity of work and people at the festival, and how as an industry we can leverage on creative solutions to bridge that gap and bring about positive change.”

May 02, 2017
Hakuhodo Singapore goes interactive to launch the new Kao Bioré UV Body Care Serum

Hakuhodo Singapore has launched the new Bioré UV Body Care Serum – a body moisturizer with SPF properties with anti-pollution benefits. For the camapign Hakuhodo Singapore created an interactive educational content piece on mobile that involved the viewers to actively participate in the storytelling.

“For any piece of content to be successful, it has to be personalized and speak to a specific person with a specific need in their specific buyer journey,” said James Keng Lim, Creative Director of Hakuhodo Singapore. “Through a mashup of dayparting, content, and mobile strategy, we empower the ladies to be their own bosses to interact and be educated, all in their own time.”

“To gain traction with our target audience, we needed to up the ante. Leveraging on mobile, digital and conventional media, we were able to expand our reach to a targeted audience, more efficiently and effectivity,” added Chua Hui Min, Kao Singapore Brand Manager.

Since its launch three weeks ago, the video has been watched for almost 31,000 minutes with more than 80,000 views thus far, resulting in a 47.5% engagement rate.

“Through Hakuhodo’s Sei-katsu-sha philosophy where consumers are viewed as people and not just economic entities, we instinctively knew the traditional mode of product awareness and education would not be enough for Kao’s target audience,” said April Tan, Account Manager, of Hakuhodo Singapore. “The clients challenged us to come up with an interactive way to involve the target audience. And it was challenge accepted.”

May 31, 2017
Gathering of the Town Hall – Creativity isn’t a birthright, it has to be Earned

Fairy tales do come true. If you want it bad enough.

“You may be talented. But that will only take you so far,” quips James Keng Lim, Creative Director of Hakuhodo and Chairman of Crowbar 2017.

“To succeed, you need to want it, you need to earn it. A vivid imagination, sprinkled with a healthy dose of doggedness, a thick layer of ectodermal tissue, and plenty of verve never hurt anyone. Creativity isn’t a birthright; it has to be earned.”

A living testimony to the theme of this year’s Crowbar is Larries Ng.

“On my first attempt at the Crowbar and Crowbar 24-hour Challenge, I scored…a big fat zero. I was embarrassed and unceremoniously brought down to earth. But I didn’t let that affect me. Instead, I used that experience to spur me on.”

The following year, he came back with a vengeance and a renewed vigor in his pursuit of glory, and was rewarded with some medals and finalists. Good, they say, is the enemy of great.

On his third attempt last year, Larries didn’t just win Best of Advertising at the Crowbar Awards, he also emerged victorious at the Crowbar 24-hour Advertising Challenge. His fairy tale finally came true when he scored a full-time gig at TBWA.

Sharing the same ethos are Cedric Dias, Head of Digital Marketing for OCBC, and Daphne Boey, Associate Digital Director at Hakuhodo.

Transition was a recurring theme in Cedric’s professional path. He relocated to Singapore with his young family, to a different country with a different culture from what he was used to. He was made redundant when the economy took a nosedive – this eventually prompted him to take a plunge into a totally different industry, one that now allows him to fulfil his life goals.

Despite many twists and turns, Cedric remains the ultimate optimist.

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Aptitude is one thing. Attitude, on the other hand, is everything. After all, life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it.”

Similarly, Daphne took the path less traveled. As a Theatre Studies major, she’s dipped her toes in various industries that are only tangentially related – she’s honed her skills as a writer, at one point ghost-writing for a relationship column; she’s worked in multinational giant e-retailers and marketed for consumer electronics; she’s even taught in a local school for a spell.

Returning to her roots as a writer in the content space made her realize that her love for storytelling goes beyond words – this now drives her vision in the digital sphere. She admits to having been rather blessed in the opportunities she has been given, but notes that it’s not without an equal amount of hard work and perseverance, too.

“Put your head down, keep the people you trust close to you, and believe that the universe will take care of you,” she adds.

Apr 19, 2017
Hakuhodo Singapore’s CD James Keng Lim named chairman for Crowbar Awards 2017

Hakuhodo Singapore Creative Director, James Keng Lim, heads this year’s Crowbar Awards to lend his stewardship in recognizing emerging talents. A multi-awarded communications leader, Lim’s forte lies in creating authentic and transformative storytelling that connects brands with their audiences.

With 18 years of driving the communications agenda, his work is regularly recognized by highly respected advertising, marketing effectiveness and digital award show such as D&AD, Cannes, One Show, EFFIES, APPIES, Mob-Ex, and Asia Interactive Awards. In addition, he has also been on the panel of judges for numerous industry award shows such as New York Advertising Festival, Creative Circle Awards, Crowbar Challenge, and Google Creative Awards.

Lim said, “There is a new world order. As advertising becomes an increasingly competitive business, creativity alone isn’t enough. We need the next generation of creatives to be holistic in their approach: creatively original, entrepreneurial and innovative, knowledgeable of different platforms, and commercially business-savvy.”

“Whilst creativity still reigns supreme, it is no longer just in the creative’s domain. We simply can’t afford to operate in silos. Otherwise, we’ll all go the way of the dodo. This year’s Crowbar will be a celebration of creativity in all its glory.”

“4As is pleased and honored to have James Keng Lim onboard as Chairperson of the Crowbar Awards this year,” said Bernard Chan, CEO of 4As. “We believe that with his knack for storytelling and Hakuhodo’s belief in grooming young stars of tomorrow by harnessing their talents today, they can bring to the jury table a new and fascinating personality that the Crowbar Awards is looking for. We have exciting activities in the pipeline and are really looking forward to launching this year’s awards show.”

From its commencement in 2001, the Crowbar Awards has since become a leading award show for budding creatives to showcase their best ideas. The show now attracts over 1000 entries from local, regional and international tertiary institutions. This includes entries from the US, UK, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore. The entries, which span the disciplines of Advertising, Branding, Design, Digital, Film, Innovation, and Technology, are judged by leading industry creatives, clients, and specialists.

The Crowbar Awards is organized by the Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Singapore (4As).

The Winner’s Workshop will be held on 31st May at Nanyang Polytechnic and tickets are complimentary. Crowbar call-for-entry starts 19th June 2017 and is open to students in local and overseas institutions. Details for The 24-Hour Challenge will be announced in August.

Apr 05, 2017
Why Hire an Influencer? Hakuhodo Singapore Creates Bioré Belle for Kao

In a bid to promote its Biore Cotton Sheets product, Biore, together with Hakuhodo Singapore has created its own digital influencer. Called Biore Belle, the “influencer” has her own Instagram page, where she touts the benefits of Biore Cotton Sheets, along with beauty tips and updates on her daily “adventures”.

This was told through a series of vignettes via an unfolding panorama. This was formed by a set of connecting images which are seen as one big picture on Biore Belle’s Instagram feed. Some posts also include short videos on Biore Belle and how she uses the make up wipes.

Biore Belle Insta

The creators of Biore Belle also aimed for her to be relatable and authentic, in a bid to celebrate real beauty in women. This is opposed to the usual practice of brands building their image around people who are seen as aspiration, but also unachievable at times, the press release stated.

According to Biore and Hakuhodo Singapore, in a span of two months, the brand achieved more than 532,000 impressions and almost 40,000 engagements, whilst cost per clicks was reduced by more than half.

“We wanted to capture the voice of a typical young woman in Singapore, because ultimately Bioré is the friend that you have and like. Together with the Hakuhodo team, we decided to tell the story of a Bioré girl in episodes and on Instagram; breaking the conventional expectations of the functional messaging expected of this category,” Chua Hui Min, Kao Singapore brand manager, said.

“Influencer may seem like a dirty word these days, with larger-than-life characters that people no longer believe in, but to be honest it’s the execution that’s flawed, not the concept. And so with Bioré Belle we thought, why not have a clean slate and create an identifiable character that people can say, ‘Hey this is me, this is what I do?’” Daphne Boey, associate digital director of Hakuhodo Singapore, said.

Mar 27, 2017
Hakuhodo Singapore names James Keng Lim as Creative Director

Hakuhodo has appointed James Keng Lim as creative director of its Singapore office. According to his LinkedIn he was last creative director at Publicis Singapore.

Keng Lim has 18 years of network – including Dentsu, Publicis, and McCann – as well as independent advertising, digital, and PR agency experience. His career has taken him from Malaysia, to Shanghai, Dubai and Amsterdam, but he has spent the last three years back here in Singapore and offers clients strategic counsel and thought leadership across advertising, branding, marketing, digital, social and PR.

Regional chief creative officer, Woon Siew Hoh, said, “I am extremely delighted to have James Keng Lim join the Hakuhodo kinsfolk. A creative maverick not straight-jacketed by conventional thinking, James Keng Lim is a natural storyteller with the ability to create transformative narratives that connect brands with their target audiences. He brings onboard an entrepreneurial, holistic and commercially-savvy approach to our new modus operandi. He represents what we are building at Hakuhodo – talented, humble, inspirational leaders who embrace our Sei-katsu-sha philosophy that values consumers not as economic entities, but as people.”

Tanner Nagib, regional client service director and digital director at Hakuhodo Singapore adds, “We’ve been patient in identifying the right talent to partner myself and the Singapore leadership team in our efforts to complete the circle in building a strong outfit to represent the Hakuhodo brand name in Singapore and South East Asia. James brings to the table truly insightful and strategic creative thinking that enhances both our local and regional offerings.”