How ‘The Air Drummer’ Found the Perspective of Both Giver and Recipient

Aug. 30, 2023
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Wolf BKK’s Torsak Chuenprapar, Phannika Vongsayan and Nopharit Dusadeedumkoeng on what it took to create the campaign that took Thailand – and the world – by storm, writes LBB’s Tom Loudon

Since its release Wolf BKK’s campaign, ’The Air Drummer”’, has garnered widespread acclaim, earning the prestigious Best of Show Award at the New York Festivals’ 2023 Advertising Awards. The innovative and humorous campaign struck a chord not only in Thailand but also across borders, resonating with audiences in China, Korea, and Spain.

Speaking with LBB’s Tom Loudon, Wolf BKK’s chief creative officer Torsak Chuenprapar, managing director Phannika Vongsayan, and deputy executive creative director Nopharit Dusadeedumkoeng, share more about the inspiration behind this unconventional campaign, its universal appeal, and what it took to strike the delicate balance between humour and brand messaging.

LBB> Congratulations, ‘The Air Drummer’ campaign has earned the prestigious ‘Best of Show’ award at the New York Festivals’ 2023 Advertising Awards! Can you tell us about the inspiration behind this humorous and creative campaign?

Torsak> The genesis of this campaign lies in our aspiration to disrupt the conventional norms of promotional campaigns. We started this campaign with the goal of changing how promotional campaigns usually work. In Thailand, sales promotions have always been about specific products getting discounts, often with lots of rules and exceptions. Our aim is to do things differently, introducing a fresh idea: put on a sticker, get a discount. This unique approach gives shoppers more control, allowing them to save money on the things they really want.

To this end, ’The Air Drummer’ provides a fresh perspective for both the giver and recipient, encouraging them to employ the concept of ‘discounts for what you love most’ in an unexpected way. Infused with humour, the incorporation of the drummer motif effectively arrests the consumer’s attention, contributing to a captivating and distinctive promotional experience.

LBB> The videos and pop visuals in the campaign showcase surreal scenarios and surprising twists. How did you ensure that these elements effectively communicate the deliciousness of the dishes and capture the audience’s attention?

Nopharit> We aim to catch the consumer’s attention instantly by using impactful imagery, featuring attention-grabbing shots and the captivating presence of a prominent instrument – the drummer. We then proceed to captivate their interest further by seamlessly weaving together elements of consumer insights, a surprising narrative twist, and unexpected talents such as K.Chad, and the young main character is the champion kids drummer.

Moreover, the film addresses the generation gap by depicting the viewpoints of a mother and daughter. This relatable portrayal is something that many can connect with.

LBB> The campaign not only resonated locally, but also spread to other countries like China, Korea, and Spain. What strategies did you employ to make the campaign culturally relevant and appealing to audiences outside of Thailand?

Torsak & Nopharit> At Wolf BKK, we transcend national boundaries by uncovering a universal truth that resonates deeply, forging connections across diverse populations. This concept isn’t confined to touching the hearts of solely Thais; it holds an intrinsic global appeal. It’s through this universal truth that the film becomes relatable, ensuring its appreciation garners recognition on a global scale.

LBB> ‘The Air Drummer’ campaign resulted in a 12% increase in sales and garnered a total of 18 million impressions. What were the key factors that contributed to these remarkable results?

Phannika> The universal recognition of the generation gap enables us to capture the hearts of at least two individuals within a single household. The ‘Robinson Salesation’ promotional campaign warmly invites every family member to join in the excitement.

LBB> The campaign seems to have taken a lighthearted approach while effectively promoting the product. How did you strike a balance between humour and showcasing the brand’s offerings?

Nopharit> We’ve taken a thoughtful approach, combining enjoyable entertainment to grab consumers’ attention and seamlessly introducing our product when the time is right. As such, highlighting our promotions at the right moment is crucial. We aim to strike a balance between entertainment and our sales message, as our goal is to promote the sale and foster a genuine connection between our brand and our consumers.

LBB> Could you share some insights into the creative process behind the campaign, including collaboration between the agency, the production team and the client, and the ideation of the humorous scenarios?

Phannika> We’re striving to redefine the traditional approach to sales and promotion campaigns by altering our client engagement methods. Our involvement extends beyond the marketing team as we actively collaborate with the sales and promotion teams, suggesting innovative promotional strategies and ensuring alignment to transform ideas into reality.

Nopharit> The remarkable moment of this project was when we proposed this direction with the additional surprising element. Guess who unexpectedly showed up in the film? Chad, the awesome drummer from Thailand’s much-loved rock band ‘Bodyslam’! The memory of when we shared this with the clients is still fresh in our minds. It was a sweet moment of agreement, where both the client and our team felt that we’d added something special to the film. Sure, it meant some extra work for the production team, dealing with the budget and Chad’s schedule, but it’s the kind of challenge we’re happy to tackle, right?



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