Hakuhodo KEY3, beyondClub and SmartMedia Technologies launch Loyalty X, a corporate alliance to redefine loyalty programs in Asia

May 31, 2024
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Tokyo—May 31, 2024—Hakuhodo Inc., an integrated marketing and innovation company headquartered in Tokyo, is pleased to announce that Hakuhodo Group company HAKUHODO KEY3 INC. (Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Toshinori Shigematsu) is partnering with PONT Inc. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Yuki Wakiyama), SmartMedia Technologies, Inc. (Colorado, USA; CEO: Tyler Moebius), and other leading global web3 technology companies to form Loyalty X. This new corporate alliance will provide revolutionary loyalty programs utilizing web3 technology across the Asia region.

Background to the establishment of Loyalty X

The global trend toward stricter data privacy around the management of personal data, as well as post-cookie measures required of companies, are necessitating a re-evaluation of corporate data utilization strategies. While loyalty programs are increasingly seen as a competitive advantage, few companies manage to create programs that genuinely drive true engagement with their customers.

Current corporate loyalty programs face several challenges:

  • Providing generic experiences (e.g. point programs)
  • Lacking unique value
  • Operating within closed ecosystems of a single company
  • Offering primarily monetary value

The purpose of this alliance is to address these challenges by harnessing web3 technology in an era where effective loyalty programs are becoming crucial. Web3 technology’s features, such as individual ownership of value, enhanced interoperability, and innovative customer experiences, can help develop loyalty programs that truly engage customers. To this end, KEY3, beyondClub, and SmartMedia Technologies (SMT) have formed Loyalty X, an alliance dedicated to transforming company loyalty programs using web3 technologies.

“The Loyalty X Alliance signifies a shift in the approach brands are taking to connect with their customers. It’s about establishing a continuous, immersive experience that goes beyond fleeting promotions,” said Matt Hunt, COO APAC at SMT. “This always-on engagement strategy not only amplifies the potential for brands but also cultivates deeper customer loyalty while providing invaluable insights—in short, a new more robust CRM channel.”

What is Loyalty X?

Loyalty X is an alliance of web3 technology companies dedicated to revolutionizing loyalty programs through the implementation of web3 technology. By uniting companies with unique and robust technical expertise, the alliance aims to deliver loyalty programs that genuinely engage customers and meet business demands. Each member company provides specialized solutions tailored to various industries, addressing specific challenges and enhancing the content of loyalty programs. Through this collaborative effort, Loyalty X strives to create more meaningful and effective customer connections.

HAKUHODO KEY3 will take on the role of project management within the alliance, identifying companies’ issues, selecting solutions to be utilized, and designing and advancing projects. It will also conduct creative development, such as customer experience planning and UX/UI planning and development, as required.

Loyalty X Participating Partners

The web3 technology companies participating in this alliance are:


Tokenization and Phygital

Memberships and Rewards

Data and Insights

Contact Loyalty X

Company representatives interested in our services through this partnership are invited to reach out to us at info@key3.co.jp.

About beyondClub

beyondClub is an NFT loyalty platform that enables the creation of fan communities with more special experiences and participation rights. As customer acquisition costs rise and community building and bidirectional loyalty programs become critical for increasing LTV (lifetime value), beyondClub supports brands and creators in building stronger relationships with fans by allowing them to create membership NFTs and experiences for NFT holders without coding.

URL: https://www.beyondclub.xyz/en
X: https://x.com/beyondClub_xyz

About SmartMedia Technologies

SmartMedia Technologies is reshaping the landscape of customer engagement and loyalty to help some of the world’s major enterprises to drive better business outcomes. SMT is the complete end-to-end solution that bridges the gap between web2 and web3, making web3 safe, easy and valuable for brands and fun, open and rewarding for consumers. With offices in the US, Europe and APAC, over 50 partners, including Accenture, NBA, PepsiCo, Unilever and Visa, leverage SMT’s loyalty platform to deliver immersive, gamified and personalized experiences. To find out how SMT can elevate your brand, visit, https://smartmediatech.io or try it yourself at https://my.smartwallet.app/.

URL: https://www.smartmediatech.io/


HAKUHODO KEY3 is a web3 business production venture established in December 2022 by Hakuhodo Inc. and Sota Watanabe, CEO of Startale Labs Japan, a provider of consulting and development support using its knowledge from developing the Astar Network. HAKUHODO KEY3 aims to originate world-first web3 services using sei-katsu-sha insight and creativity as a way to help realize a society with our corporate partners in which more sei-katsu-sha are able to engage with web3.

Official website: https://www.key3.co.jp/en


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