Hakuhodo designs Web3 NFT giveaway campaign

Apr. 12, 2023
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Calbee Potato Chips “NFT Chips Campaign” features Japan’s first freebie NFTs that grow with each purchase

Tokyo—April 12, 2023—Hakuhodo Inc., a leading integrated marketing and innovation company headquartered in Tokyo, is pleased to announce that today, Wednesday, April 12, its MIRAI Business Division will launch the Calbee Potato Chips “NFT Chips Campaign” in partnership with Tokyo-based Calbee, Inc. and CryptoGames Inc., and Singapore-based DataGateway Pte. Ltd. This is the first-ever campaign in Japan* to give away NFTs that steadily grow and evolve with each purchase. It also features the wappa data wallet developed by Hakuhodo and DataGateway. The MIRAI Business Division is Hakuhodo’s unit dedicated to creating new businesses that transcend the bounds of advertising.

In July 2022, Hakuhodo teamed up with Calbee and CryptoGames to implement an NFT gaming activation within the farming simulation game Astar Farm. Then, in December 2022, it strengthened its presence in the Web3 domain by launching HAKUHODO KEY3, which plans and runs Web3 hackathons, in partnership with Sota Watanabe, CEO of Singapore-based Startale Labs Pte Ltd, developer of the Astar Network, a public blockchain originating in Japan.

The NFT Chips Campaign is Hakuhodo’s second NFT activation in collaboration with Calbee. Each time customers make an eligible purchase, they receive a bonus “Potato NFT,” which they then water and look after to reach the next level. They get to enjoy watching their NFTs grow and evolve. Calbee has to date rolled out a wide variety of what it calls “character chips,” including its Pro Baseball chips, but this is its first venture into selling potato chips that come with giveaway NFTs. It is also the first-ever campaign in Japan to give away NFTs that steadily grow and evolve with each purchase. A wallet for storing and managing the NFTs—the wappa data wallet jointly developed by Hakuhodo and DataGateway—is being introduced as part of the campaign. This is designed on the Web3 principle that you, not some business, should control your personal data. None of the data collected and held by wappa is shared with a company unless the individual consents, and then only anonymously. The goal is to turn wappa into a service for securely managing not just NFTs but a wide range of data, as well as various types of certificates.

By leveraging sei-katsu-sha** insight and creativity, Hakuhodo aims to create great Web3 experiences alongside a multitude of corporate partners—and thus usher in a world where more sei-katsu-sha can participate in Web3.


• Overview of the NFT Chips Campaign


10:00 a.m., Wednesday, April 12–11:59 p.m., Wednesday, May 31


(1) Buyers are awarded a free Potato NFT when they purchase an eligible Calbee product, fold the package into an “Ori-pake,” and scan it with the Calbee smartphone app Calbee Lbee Program. (The campaign will end as soon as the NFTs run out.) Ori-pake is an origami-like activity designed to reduce the volume of garbage, and thus the number of garbage bags used, by folding empty packages to a compact size before throwing them away. The Potato NFT grows every time the empty package of an eligible product is registered on Lbee Program. Once a buyer registers five packages, they get to harvest a character from the virtual “Jagaverse” world.

(2) One hundred lucky buyers who harvest a randomly appearing “gold character” will receive six free bags of CHIPS NEXT Yokunetaimo Kitaakari potato chips, which are available only from the Calbee official online shop. (Delivered within Japan only.)
Calbee official online shop | CHIPS NEXT (calbee.jp) (in Japanese)

(3) Owners of Potato NFTs will get to enjoy totally new digital experiences.

Who is eligible: Buyers who

  • download the Calbee Lbee Program app (https://www.calbee.co.jp/lbeeprogram/);
  • fold the package of any eligible product (Potato Chips Usu-Shio, Consomme-Punch, or Nori-Shio) into an Ori-pake and scan it with the Calbee Lbee Program;
  • have registered a wappa NFT management service account in the Calbee Lbee Program.


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The campaign will end May 31.


* The first giveaway campaign to offer NFTs whose growth is linked to purchases. According to research by CryptoGames Inc., as of April 11, 2023.

** “Sei-katsu-sha” is a term we use to describe people not simply as consumers, but as fully rounded individuals with their own lifestyles, aspirations and dreams.

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