Hakuhodo develops Creative Growth Index

Jul. 21, 2020
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Tokyo—July 21, 2020—Hakuhodo Inc., Japanʼs second largest advertising company, is pleased to announce that it has launched Creative Growth Index, a set of indices to objectively measure organizational development. Produced by Hakuhodo Brand & Innovation Design, the company will begin offering solutions using this new tool to help clients nurture creative corporate cultures.

With the need to draw out the full potential of their talent and encourage innovation from within, businesses have had a growing interest in recent years in building effective organizational cultures. A team of corporate branding and innovation specialists, Hakuhodo Brand & Innovation Design provides consulting and internal branding services to help clients redefine their corporate cultures.

It is often difficult, however, to objectively gauge the degree to which these types of activities brought about actual changes, or to identify the correlation between the desired results and activities needed to achieve them. Moreover, return on investment was often unclear, leading to these programs being cut short. Seeing the apparent need to optimize and validate these activities, Hakuhodo Brand & Innovation Design developed the Creative Growth Index based on its own quantitative data, which can now be applied to various organizational development programs.

Creative Growth Index uses six indices to measure the current state of each organization and its members’ mindsets: behaviors tied to a purpose/vision, creative behaviors, behaviors that indicate the quality of relationships, corporate cultures conducive to open innovation, behaviors focused on efficiency and functional advantage, and performance evaluation and self-assessment. The tool helps to build creative corporate cultures by offering visual representation of the ROI by comparing the findings from each index with reference values from society at large and examining before-and-after figures, and by identifying potentially effective measures by asking questions like “Which measures will lead to which results?” and “What internal mindsets will bring about what organizational change?” based on correlations between indices.

The team developed Creative Growth Index by conducting three quantitative surveys involving 3,000 experts starting in 2019. The surveys, which studied how employee mindsets and behaviors correlate to creative corporate cultures, substantiated the validity of the resulting indices. In addition, the research also probed some unique perspectives such as the types of corporate culture conducive to open innovation and the relationship between art/culture and work performance.

Hakuhodo will continue contributing to companies’ growth through the provision of organizational development solutions.

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