APAC Effie Awards 2023 selects two judges from Hakuhodo Group

Jun. 14, 2023
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Yoshihiro Yoshida, Managing Director of Hakuhodo Consulting Asia Pacific, and Chris Iki, COO of TBWA\HAKUHODO, have been selected as judges for APAC Effie Awards 2023.

The APAC Effie Awards reward the most outstanding marketing communication works that have achieved effective results in the Asia Pacific region. As of June 2023, the second round of judging has been completed, and 111 entries have been selected as finalists. The award winners will be announced at the Awards Gala in Singapore on September 29, 2023.

Since their inception in the US in 1968, the Effie Awards have expanded to include Effie Worldwide, regional Effie programs (Africa & Middle East, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and North America), and over 50 national Effie programs today.


Yoshihiro Yoshida
Managing Director
Hakuhodo Consulting Asia Pacific

“The Effie Awards are a unique advertising award that evaluates marketing activities from the perspective of whether they brought effectiveness. Launched in 1968 by the New York Marketing Association, the Effies have a long history, and mark their 10th anniversary in the Asia Pacific this year.

“I had an impression that advertising awards were about evaluating creative ideas, and to be honest, as someone who’s spent their entire career in strategy, I felt they didn’t have much to do with me. However, as the Effie Awards are judged from four perspectives: the marketing challenge, insight and strategy, idea, and results, I could participate the way I do in my daily work. The rigorous discussions to evaluate the aptness and results of strategies of client and agency executives from around Asia were very stimulating.”

Yoshihiro Yoshida
Yoshihiro Yoshida has over two decades of experience in planning and consulting services, particularly in connecting sei-katsu-sha* insights with business and brand strategies, working at Hakuhodo, a net venture company, and Hakuhodo Consulting (formerly Hakuhodo Brand Consulting). He established Hakuhodo Consulting Asia Pacific in 2013. Currently based in Singapore, he leads a team of market intelligence and brand strategy sspecialists that covers the Southeast Asia, China, and India markets, among others, while also building a consulting network connecting Hakuhodo’s overseas offices.

Chris Iki
Chief Operating Officer

“In a world filled with awards, both domestic and global, the Effie Awards is a true testament of what we fundamentally do: make a positive impact on our clients’ businesses. Our work should not only be held to the highest standards of creativity but be measured on the impact it made as a result, i.e., its effectiveness. Awards such as the Effies drive us to deliver creative that’s both impactful and meaningful.”

Chris Iki
Chris Iki has more than 30 years of experience as a marketing professional, working on managing global brands in the US and elsewhere. After joining TBWA\ in 2004, Chris was assigned to the Nissan global account based in Tokyo. Over the course of eight years, Chris, led the team as the Global Account Director, working closely with TBWA\ agencies across 14 countries. In 2012, Chris was appointed Chief Operating Officer of TBWA\HAKUHODO. In this role, he has continued to lead the agency down its path to success, including contributing significantly to the agency winning Campaign Asia-Pacific’s Agency of the Year Awards Japan Creative Agency of the Year 10 times, as well as being named the Awards’ Japan/Korea Agency Head of the Year in 2018 and 2020.

* “Sei-katsu-sha” is a term we use to describe people not simply as consumers, but as fully rounded individuals with their own lifestyles, aspirations and dreams.

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