The planner working to bring Japan Inc up to speed with LGBT consumers

Jan. 12, 2017
  • Reportage

Source: Campaign Asia-Pacific (English) , Campaign Japan (Japanese)
Writer: Misaki Tsuchiyama, Campaign Japan

Takahiko Morinaga, who started the Japan LGBT Research Institute, discusses the nascent state of LGBT marketing in Japan.

Takahiko Morinaga

Takahiko Morinaga started the Japan LGBT Research Institute (part of Hakuhodo DY Holdings) last year while working as a planner. In this interview, he gives his view on the state of LGBT marketing in Japan, where brands are only just beginning to develop strategies specific to this consumer segment. Diversity has become a key consideration in Japanese marketing communications, and corporate Japan has finally woken up to the opportunities in engaging with LGBT people more deliberately. Takahiko Morinaga established his think tank as an internal venture within Hakuhodo to help move things forward.

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