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Jul. 3, 2024
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Source: Lions Daily News

Kristian Manchester (left), Ayami Nakao and Third Domingo

For Global agency Hakuhodo, the “A” in AI stands for aspirational, rather than artificial.

“No one’s talking about aspirations any more. When you are growing up, you have so many aspirations that you want to bring to life. And as we age, people think it’s inconvenient, or irrelevant, or too fluffy, and we begin to compromise,” senior corporate officer Ayami Nakao told Lions Daily News.

Nakao hosted a session on aspirational intelligence yesterday, joined by Sid Lee global chief creative officer Kristian Manchester and IdeasXMachina founder Third Domingo. The session took a deep dive into human behaviors and insights, focusing on three themes: health and wellness; success and happiness; and love and intimacy.

“A lot of times when we’re trying to find insights, it’s pain points. You look at the audience, you find pain points and then you find insights based on that,” Manchester said. “But when you think about aspirations, it’s a more positive and holistic way to look at someone’s life. Seeing not just an audience, but a human with a love life, a work balance, and all the rest.”

“Usually when we talk of aspirations, it’s that it makes you fly: it elevates and lifts things. But actually aspirations ground you,” Domingo added.

“That’s beautiful to me!” Nakao stressed that focusing on aspirational rather than artificial intelligence is not a blunt criticism of the latter. “We didn’t want to simplify this as ‘AI is bad and humans are good’. We don’t think it’s that simple. With the right aspirations you can actually coach AI, you can educate it, you can give it ethics,” she said.

“A bad person with a bad AI is going to ruin the world. But with the best of intentions, with ethos and the right ethics, we believe that we can inform AI to help us, not just to be optimized or efficient, but to give it more meaning, and that’s what we’re leaning into.”

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