SIX Inc. launches SIX JOURNEY
A multidisciplinary team dedicated to developing communications for brands expanding globally

Dec. 27, 2023
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Tokyo—December 27, 2023—Hakuhodo Inc., an integrated marketing and innovation company headquartered in Tokyo, is pleased to announce Hakuhodo Group company SIX Inc.’s launch of SIX JOURNEY, a horizontal organization specializing in global communication solutions for Japanese and global brands.

In this era of borderless connectivity, brands and businesses must harness global momentum for growth.

SIX JOURNEY, a multidisciplinary team that combines international creators and strategy and PR experts from Hakuhodo’s global network with creators of SIX, was established to assist Japanese brands expanding their businesses in Asia and international markets, as well as global brands expanding in Asia. It will merge local sei-katsu-sha insight with SIX’s pioneering application of technology in creativity to create solutions for brands entering new markets.

The core members of SIX JOURNEY are Jin Saito, Creative Director and Co-founder of SIX Inc., Jasper Ilagan, CEO and CCO of NJYN in the Philippines, and Devi Attamimi, Institute Director of Hakuhodo Institute of Life and Living ASEAN and Director of Hakuhodo International Indonesia.

SIX has excelled in creating branded content that sparks conversation by blending cutting-edge technology and contemporary creative methods rooted in cultural insights. In recent years, it has not only been working with Japanese clients in its home market, but also with international clients in markets outside of Japan. Its collaborations with international creators in these markets have also led to projects for Japanese clients.

With SIX JOURNEY, SIX is forming teams that incorporate creators from various Asian countries, leveraging cultural insights from around the world to produce branding campaigns and creative content that resonate globally.

Hakuhodo and SIX will continue to collaborate, combining the strengths of the Group to generate synergies and contribute to clients’ businesses.

Jin Saito (SIX), Jasper llagan (NJYN), Devi Attamimi (Hakuhodo International Indonesia)

■ Key SIX work and clients

  • MUBI (UK): A global streaming service, production company and film distributor. SIX produced a branding campaign for MUBI in 14 countries, including the US, UK, Germany, Italy, France, Mexico and Brazil.
  • Double A (Thailand): A paper company headquartered in Thailand. SIX produced communication for the company’s expansion into the US market. Its work won Gold at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.
  • Shiseido (Japan): SIX produced communication for the expansion of ANESSA in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • XGIMI (China): XGIMI has provided genuinely immersive audio-visual experiences for people the world over with its state-of-the-art projectors.

Jin Saito’s comments on the establishment of the company:

“SIX JOURNEY aims to produce strong and unified creativity by collaborating with creators from all around the world to form a creative team supporting the overseas expansion of Japanese brands and the entry of international brands into Japan and Asia.”

■ About SIX Inc.

SIX Inc. is a leading integrated marketing and creative agency based in Tokyo, known for revolutionizing the use of technology in branded content. A member of the Hakuhodo Group, SIX has been awarded over 450 international awards since its establishment in 2014.


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