Hakuhodo offers Art Thinking School program with Ars Electronica

Apr. 26, 2021
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Learn to drive innovation with Art Thinking

Tokyo—April 26, 2021—Hakuhodo Inc., the world’s third largest advertising company, is pleased to announce that it will start offering an Art Thinking School program with the world-renowned creative institute Ars Electronica from August. This online learning program will systematically instruct students in Art Thinking and enable them to master it through hands-on experience. Applications for the program will be accepted from April 26.

The world is becoming an increasingly uncertain place. No longer is it possible to keep up with the pace of change just by rehashing old ideas. Meanwhile, more and more products and services are becoming commodified as technology rapidly advances and data proliferates. Companies therefore need to slough off the old ways of thinking. Alongside sei-katsu-sha, they need to create businesses, products, and services that genuinely serve society’s needs. Hakuhodo helps companies innovate and create new value by means of Brand Transformation (Note 1), a brand-oriented approach to reinventing business inspired by society and sei-katsu-sha.

Hakuhodo and Ars Electronica have designed the Art Thinking School program to foster the mindset and creativity essential to bringing about Brand Transformation. This next-generation training program is rooted in Art Thinking (Note 2), which drives innovation. It will develop the ability to detect signs of coming changes, chart the right course, and forge ahead in the face of obstacles.

The Art Thinking School is an online learning program that generally lasts three months. Here you can hone your creative and cognitive abilities in readiness for your encounter with the future. The collaboration with Ars Electronica will provide a wealth of inspiration. For forty years, this world-renowned creative institute has been contemplating the new creative possibilities offered by high technology and envisioning society’s future, above all through Art Thinking. The program will also provide instruction in Hakuhodo’s facilitation techniques. Nowhere else can you learn such a combination.

Since starting to work together in 2014, Hakuhodo and Ars Electronica have cooperated on numerous projects that have involved jointly formulating and implementing ideas for society’s future. Alongside sei-katsu-sha, they will continue to collaborate on creating new value for society in line with the needs of the day.

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Note 1: Brand Transformation (BX)

A brand-oriented approach to reinventing business for the completely digitalized era, inspired by society and sei-katsu-sha.

Sei-katsu-sha are constantly connected to everything these days, and that creates new ways to interface with them. A new market has emerged as a result: the “Sei-katsu-sha Interface Market.” Branding is undergoing big changes as that market grows. It is becoming more co-creative, more interactive. Hakuhodo believes that the key to reinventing and growing your business lies in branding. We support and empower the Brand Transformation of your enterprise by leveraging the latest digital technology to the hilt.


Note 2: Art Thinking

Here is how Hakuhodo defines Art Thinking. It means a way of thinking and acting in response to the questions that arise from art.* It entails deciding on a course of action as a company or business, engaging in honest dialog regardless of your affiliation or position, and generating innovations.


*Art comes in many different genres. Our particular focus is on the media arts. Media art is any form of artistic activity that emerges from new technology or uses it as a means of self-expression or creativity. It can, we believe, provide valuable insights into the future of humankind, technology, and society.


The significance of art as a vehicle for innovation

・ Art as Journalism: Revealing what is happening now

・ Art as a Compass: Pointing the way you should go

・ Art as a Catalyst: Inspiring you and strengthening your determination

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