Hakuhodo launches Decarbo Score to visualize CO2e reductions

Jul. 25, 2022
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Tokyo—July 25, 2022—Hakuhodo Inc., a leading integrated marketing and innovation company headquartered in Tokyo, is pleased to announce that its new business development arm—the MIRAI Business Division—is set to launch Decarbo Score, a label indicating reduction in CO2e emissions,* as a new service provided from Earth hacks, a co-creation platform to help decarbonize society through the actions of individual sei-katsu-sha.**

Earth hacks, jointly sponsored by Hakuhodo and Mitsui & Co., is a co-creation platform that provides information on lifestyles and ethical products and helps the development of decarbonizing products and services in response to sei-katsu-sha opinions, to bring decarbonization actions closer to those who are interested in or know little about decarbonization, including Gen Zers.

The Instagram account and website of Earth hacks, launched in January 2022, already offer a way of introducing products that cause less CO2e in materials, transport modes and manufacturing processes, and visualizing the reduction by comparing the difference in emissions with products manufactured with traditional materials and techniques.

Earth hacks is now launching a Decarbo Score to make CO2e reduction a new criterion for the environmental value propositions of products and services, by leveraging The 2030 Calculator, developed by the Swedish impact tech company Doconomy, and other tools for visualizing CO2e emissions. This new indicator is available for both business and non-business entities.

Early adopters of the Decarbo Score are using the labeling in various projects. For instance, Toyota Motor Corporation is seeking to create upcycled products from residual materials generated in the vehicle production process. Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. is realizing flights with reduced CO2e emissions by updating aircraft, flight methods, engine maintenance methods, etc. And UCC Ueshima Coffee Co., Ltd. is looking to reduce CO2e emissions by changing how it produces canned black coffee and modifying can specifications.
Going forward, Earth hacks is committed to working with more companies, brands and other partners to offer unique products and services as new options to shape people’s lives, in an effort to bring about a decarbonized society in collaboration with sei-katsu-sha and various business stakeholders.

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* CO2e refers to greenhouse gas emissions calculated as equivalent to carbon dioxide.
** “Sei-katsu-sha” is a term we use to describe people not simply as consumers, but as fully rounded individuals with their own lifestyles, aspirations and dreams.

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