Hakuhodo joins Well-BeingX, a global open innovation program

Mar. 8, 2022
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Will propel the collective development of businesses with major companies and startups

Tokyo—March 8, 2022—Hakuhodo Inc., a leading integrated marketing and innovation company headquartered in Tokyo, is pleased to announce that its MIRAI Business Division, an organization that develops new businesses, has joined Well-BeingX, a global open innovation program powered by Scrum Studio, Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Masami Takahashi, President).

Well-BeingX is a business co-creation program that brings together Japanese companies and startups from around the world to realize all kinds of well-being personalized to individual needs. As a supporter of the initiative, Hakuhodo will accelerate the co-creation of businesses in collaboration with Well-BeingX partner companies and participating startups.

Hakuhodo’s MIRAI Business Division is, with Professor Hiroaki Miyata of the Keio University School of Medicine, engaged in the Better Co-Being Project (https://bettercobeing.jp/), which aims to realize the well-being of every sei-katsu-sha*. Respecting the diverse ways in which individuals may live, the Division works as a collective business on joint research and business development toward realizing well-being across society with a variety of partners that share its vision.

The MIRAI Business Division has joined Well-BeingX because the society envisioned by the newly-launched program closely matches that which the Division aims to realize: a society in which each sei-katsu-sha can pursue their own kind of well-being and make the most of each other’s personalities.

Social changes are opportunities for positive change toward the future. Well-BeingX will, through open innovation between companies from various industry categories and outstanding startups from around the world, co-create businesses that will lead to the creation of a “well-being society” where diverse individuals can express their talents. Further, having secured the participation of leading local authorities that are tackling local challenges and Japanese and international mentors who have specialist knowledge and contacts in the relevant domains, the program aims to increase its value through collaboration among a diverse array of stakeholders. Through future commercialization that goes beyond testing and proof of concept, the program aims to socially implement services and apps that have high value from a sei-katsu-sha perspective.

In line with its dedication to collective business creation, Hakuhodo’s MIRAI Business Division will work with Scrum Studio, Well-BeingX partner companies, startups and local authorities to conceptualize, develop and implement services that will further enrich sei-katsu-sha so as to realize a future well-being society.

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*“Sei-katsu-sha” is a term we use to describe people not simply as consumers, but as fully rounded individuals with their own lifestyles, aspirations and dreams.

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