Hakuhodo Group draws 9 Pencils at D&AD Awards

Jun. 2, 2015
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Tokyo—June 9, 2015—The Hakuhodo Group has won 1 Yellow, 3 Graphite and 5 Wood Pencils at D&AD Awards.

The D&AD Awards were established in 1962 by D&AD (originally Design & Art Direction), and are the United Kingdom’s premiere advertising awards. This year, there were 20,000 entries vying for awards in 25 categories.

Awards won
Note: The Yellow, Graphite and Wood Pencils are said to represent Gold, Silver and Bronze, in
that order.

Yellow Pencil

  • Crafts for Design: Photography for Design

Advertiser: Azuma Makoto Kaju Kenkyusho (AMKK)
Agency: SIX Inc., Hakuhodo Product’s Inc.

Graphite Pencils

  • Crafts for Design: Photography for Design
  • Graphic Design: Posters (Graphic Design)

Advertiser: Infas Publications, Inc.
Agency: Hakuhodo Inc.
(Two awards)

  • Graphic Design: Posters (Graphic Design)

Advertiser: Tokyo Copywriters Club
Title: TCC Awards 2014
Agency: Hakuhodo Inc.

Wood Pencils

  • White Pencil: Creativity for Good: Advertising & Marketing Communications
  • Film Advertising: TV Commercials

Advertiser: Pola Inc.
Title: Call Her Name / B.A Red
Agencies: Hakuhodo Inc., Hakuhodo Kettle Inc.
(Two awards)

  • Digital Marketing: Innovative Use of Technology

Advertiser: Suntory Holdings Limited
Title: 3D on the Rocks

  • Packaging Design: Packaging Design

Advertiser: em-company
Title: Tea Time Stories
Agency: Hakuhodo Inc.

  • Graphic Design; Posters (Graphic Design)

Advertiser: Laforet HARAJUKU
Title: Laforet Grand Bazar 2015 Winter
Agency: SIX Inc., Hakuhodo Inc., Hakuhodo Product’s Inc.

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