Hakuhodo DY Holdings adopts DataRobot’s AI platform

Oct. 17, 2017
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Tokyo–October 17, 2017–Tokyo-based Hakuhodo DY Holdings Inc. and Massachusetts-
based DataRobot, Inc. have agreed to form a consulting partnership. DataRobot,
Inc.’s*1 eponymous artificial intelligence (AI) automated machine learning platform will be adopted as the marketing intelligence component of the Hakuhodo DY Group’s Sei-katsu- sha DMP*2, while Hakuhodo DY Holdings will work on developing new sei-katsu- sha data-driven marketing solutions under the partnership.

Many companies are studying the best way to apply the rapid rate of technological change to their marketing practices. Adopting the DataRobot platform will enable the
Hakuhodo DY Group to strengthen the marketing intelligence functions of its marketing data
platform, Sei-katsu- sha DMP by utilizing its automated machine learning capabilities
Using DataRobot, Hakuhodo DY Holdings will also be able to assist client firms with proof of concept (PoC)*3, provide support for platform adoption, and offer training consulting services post-adoption. Further, as DataRobot’s consulting partner, Hakuhodo DY Holdings will work on developing new sei-katsu-sha data-driven marketing solutions to address today’s complex management and marketing challenges to help companies harness machine learning and AI technology.

These services will be offered to client firms by the different companies of the Hakuhodo DY
Group, including Hakuhodo, Daiko, and Yomiko.

Hakuhodo DY Holdings will be one of the sponsors of The DataRobot AI Experience in Japan,
DataRobot’s first-ever solo event worldwide, which will take place Thursday, November 9.

*1 DataRobot is a registered trademark of DataRobot, Inc.

*2 The Hakuhodo DY Group’s proprietary marketing data platform, which aggregates three forms of data: data on sei-katsu- sha (Hakuhodo’s term for consumers with a heartbeat) collected until now by the Group itself; data on information behavior and purchase behavior that has become available with advances in digital technology; and data held by clients and the media.

*3 Demonstrating the feasibility of a strategic hypothesis or concept.

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