Interview with TEKO, a team leveraging creative ideas for growth

Dec. 4, 2017
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Date: Nov. 23, 2017

Writer: David Blecken

Campaign Asia interviewed the members of TEKO, a new project team of the Hakuhodo Group dedicated to leveraging creative ideas for the growth of our client’s business.

TEKO, which in Japanese means “lever,” is a project team co-directed by five creative and marketing directors, who collaborate creatively across a broad range of fields including corporate business strategy, development of products and services, and internal reform, not to mention advertising and marketing.

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Hakuhodo consulting unit dreams of changing the big agency model

Teko wants to use Hakuhodo’s creative capital to develop business ventures with clients.

It’s a small step to raising the value of brainpower in a market where sheer media buying power still takes precedence. In September, Hakuhodo launched Teko, a five-person team that aims to bring siloed agency functions closer together and offer strategic solutions that take into account a client’s business as a whole, rather than just its advertising needs.


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