Hakuhodo Cheil Inc.


Established in 1989, Hakuhodo Cheil is a joint venture of two of Asia’s leading agencies, Hakuhodo and Cheil Worldwide. As an independent agency, we have our own voice with a unique edge for advertisers and marketers in Korea. While many major agencies are aligned with other business groups in this market, we take pride in our independence which enables us to adopt innovative approaches for engaging people and developing ideas that solve client challenges. To become “the Engagement Solution Company” of Korea, we go beyond the traditional role of an advertising agency.

Contact information

8th Fl., Dabo Building, 20 Mapo-daero, Mapo-gu, Seoul 04175, Korea

Tel: +82 2 2021 3600

Fax: +82 2 2021 3622

Mail: ad@hakuhodocheil.co.kr

Seunghun Lee, President & CEO

Note: This article dates from when Seunghun Lee held the role of Executive Vice President at Hakuhodo Cheil Inc. He was subsequently appointed President & CEO of the company in March 2021.